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About Our Seminar

Sometimes, relationships can be confusing. How did what you say end up turning into a huge argument? How can they think that way? Why does it seem like they never understand me?

To understand relationships, your must understand your own experience as well as your partner's. The everythingMATTERS seminar is a fun and collaborative approach to opening our eyes to the experiences of the people that we care about most. We will explore how everything from your biology to your daily experiences influence the person — and the partner — you're becoming.

We'll start with three simple ideas

  • Everything Matters

    If you're reading this, then you're a product of the combination of your biology and your experiences. Learn how everything impacts who you are becoming.

  • Everything Communicates

    Everything you say and do communicates. Sometimes what you intended to say isn't what your parnter hears. We'll explore this idea to help you understand exactly what you're saying.

  • Intimacy is Everything

    When you truly try to understand another person's experience, it opens you to a world deeper, more fulfilling relationships. You'll learn why making this effort is so important.


We are preparing to offer the Everything Matters seminar in-person around Charlotte and online via web conference. If you are interested in attending one of these sessions, please complete the form below. This will help us gauge interest as we schedule the seminar in 2017.

Desmond Smith // Presenter

Desmond is a Marriage and Family Therapist in Charlotte, NC. He's passionate about helping people understand the richness of their own experience and seeing how every situation has opportunities for growth. The Everything Matters seminar evolved from his work with couples and the issues that they face everyday. He and his his wife, Kristy, have opened a private counseling practice — Yetman Counseling Services — in Matthews, NC.